Winter Wine Makers Gathering - this Saturday Evening!
Laurel Store Saturday Evening February 25th 5pm to 7ish, come at 5 or stop in when you can.
Relax, have some appetizers, sip some wine and mingle with a fascinating group of people. 
Yes indeed, bring some of your own wine to share if you like plus enjoy wines made in in our classes.
Every one is welcome whether you already make wine or not!
Winter Wine Sale!  Now til the first day of Spring!
Save $20 off Eclipse, $15 off Selection, $10 off World Vineyard and $10 off Island Mist Juice Kits
Take $25 of one of the LAST Peppermint Mocha Dessert Wines
Plus more sales on equipment --- $20 off the Big Blue Corker, $10 off the Red Floor Corker and $5 off any carboy any size.
Ancient Ale Update!
The Dogfish Head Ancient Ales - Homebrew Kit Rollout
Presenting! Sah'Tea!
A modern take on a 9th century Finnish farm- style beer that is one of the world's oldest continuously brewed styles of beer.
Casks of "sahti" were found aboard a sunken Viking ship dating back to the 9th century. Fermented with a wheat yeast, Sah'Tea includes rye malt, black tea, marsala chai spices and juniper berries.
Also ready now to sample and make for yourself -
Midus Touch, Theobroma, Chicha, Pulque
(Midus Touch is actually on tap in Laurel while it lasts!

We enjoy your visits and thank you for your business on-line and in our stores!

Doug & Patti Griffith, Shawn Hager and Donna Collins