Yep, we're a homebrew store.  And, for 22 years we've been here helping people make beer, make wine and much more!
It's a hobby, a passion and an adventure right in your own home.  You share it with friends and family. You grow the passion sharing a beer with a great circle of other homebrewers. And, you celebrate the joy of your local breweries as their biggest fans.
Welcome to Xtreme Brewing Supplies!
All the ordinary things you need. PLUS! A touch of the extraordinary.
More than just making beer and wine.  It's a personal adventure!
The newest XBS Adventure from our friend Sam!
Sam Calagione's Dogfish Head Ancient Ales - Homebrew Kits
Enjoy the unique taste adventures of the Dogfish Head ancient ales all year round.  Make your own favorites.
Midas Touch, Theobroma, Sah'Tea and the purple corn wonders Chicha & Pulque!
Coming soonest:  Chateau Jiahu & Kvasir - recipe kits are in the works
We enjoy your visits and thank you for your business on-line and in our stores!
Doug & Patti Griffith, Shawn Hager and Donna Collins