About Us

To know what XtremeBrewing.com is about, you must understand the people behind the name.

XtremeBrewing.com was created as a spin off from Delmarva Brewing Craft, a homebrew shop in Millsboro, DE, owned and operated by Doug and Patti Griffith. The spark to expand was the book called “Extreme Brewing” written by Dogfish Head Founder, Sam Calagione. Sam and Doug’s friendship goes way back to just before the Rehoboth Beach Delaware Brewpub opened. Today the Brewpub continues to thrive and the Milton Delaware Brewery keeps busting out its seems as Dogfish Beer grows in popularity. When Sam wrote the book “Extreme Brewing” Doug helped make sure that the ingredients used in the book were available and appropriate in the proportions listed. Doug saw an opportunity to take Delmarva Brewing Craft to the next level. He was witnessing an evolution where more and more peoples' taste buds were yearning for more satisfaction and a broader diversity in beer taste. Sam gave Doug the “thumbs up” to assemble all of the recipes into kits and sell them. Since “Extreme Brewing” was being released worldwide, Doug decided to expand from a local homebrew shop to the World Wide Web.

When Sam's book came out in 2006, Doug and Patti enjoyed the help of a rag tag group of home brewers that enhanced the meaning of Xtreme Brewing. Initially on a weekly basis, Carl, Joe, Joey, Jerry, Josh and others came together to brew, test and taste every recipe in Sam's "Extreme Brewing" Book.

Still today - roaring through 2016 - our Awesome Beer Engineers - come together periodically to brew the old favorites and stretch the taste of Xtreme Brewing in new directions! Only with unanimous approval from the Beer Engineers plus a thumbs up from customers who sampled the new brew does a recipe make it to the shelves as a new Xtreme Brewing Kit. Our brewing adventures have naturally spilled over to wine adventures so you'll find our shelves stocked full of premium wine juice kits.