3rd Wave Brewing 3rd Annual Hombrew Competition


3rd Wave Brewing Company is excited to announce the

3rd Annual 3rd Wave Brewing Company Homebrew Competition

as our first AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition

The 2017 Winner will join 3rd Wave Brewer, John Panasiewicz, in brewing

the winning recipe at 3rd Wave Brewing Company to be on tap in December.

Good Friends   Good Waves   Great Beer

Our 2017 competition celebrates the Greatness of Porters & Stouts

AHA/BJCP Beer Categories & Judging

Homebrewers must enter beers only in the BJCP Categories listed below.   Beers are judged on the BJCP sub-category number and beer style name listed on the bottle entry form. Entries are scored by the BJCP point system. Homebrewers will receive judge point scores and comments on BJCP score sheets. The volunteer judging panel includes Certified BJCP Judges and Local Professional Brewers. Any novice judges will be under the direction of the experienced BJCP judges. Judging is a closed session not open to the public. Refer to the 2015 BJCP style guidelines at homebrewersassociation.org.

15. Irish Beer

     15B Irish Stout

     15C Irish Extra Stout

16. Dark British Beer

       16A Sweet Stout

       16B Oatmeal Stout

       16C Tropical Stout

       16D Foreign Extra Stout

20. American Porter and Stout

       20A American Porter

       20B American Stout

       20C Imperial Stout

Competition Rules

-Anyone 21 years of age and older may enter.

-All entries must be brewed at home and not in a commercial operation.

-A maximum of 25 entries will be accepted. Brewers may enter a maximum of two beers.

-Two 12 oz. bottles are required per entry, labels removed & plain caps. No flip-top, corked or wine bottles.

-Each bottle must have the competition bottle entry form attached with a rubber band (only a rubber band).

-There is no registration process or entry fee.

-Entry drop-off is ONLY at 3rd Wave Brewing Co. and ONLY between October 18th thru November 1st.


All homebrewers entering the competition are invited along with the public for the Awards Ceremony at 3rd Wave Brewing Company on Saturday, November 11th, 2:00 pm.

1st Place: Recipe brewed and on tap at 3rd Wave; Xtreme Brewing Supplies $25 Gift Certificate and a medal.

   3rd Wave will work with the winner in modifying the recipe to be compatible with the 3rd Wave brewing system.

2nd Place: Xtreme Brewing Supplies $25 Gift Certificate and a medal.

3rd Place:   Xtreme Brewing Supplies $25 Gift Certificate and a medal

For questions contact: Kathi Bryan (302) 907-0423

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