Vineyard Direct Juices

Xtreme Brewing Supplies enjoys bringing you the adventure of making wine

from Fresh Grape Juice from Italy, California and Chile!

Availability of the juice follows the harvesting season for the vineyards.

CALIFORNIA - September & October 2018

ITALY - October 2018

CHILE - Late April or Early May 2018

Orders are accepted  for a limited time by special order. Pickup is only at either the Millsboro or Laurel Xtreme Brewing Supplies Stores.  The delivery date is scheduled based on when we accumulate a large quatity of orders and when we can schedule truck delivery.  The varieties listed are usually available throughout the order timespan and we do all we can to get you the juice you ordered.  In case of harvest conditions, etc. affecting availability you have the option of listing a 2nd choice in the comments section at checkout.

Juice comes in 6 gallon buckets 

We'll be glad to help with instructions for making wine from the fresh grape juice.