We're looking forward to 2018 Chilean Grape Juice!

Remember that 2017 was a Fantastic Growing Season for Chilean Grapes and we're hoping for a second winning year in a row!  

The premier Chilean grape, Carmenere, a grape originally from the Bordeaux region of France, now grows almost only in the warm valleys of Chile!  The wine is treasured for it's supple red and black berry flavors and was originally thought to be Merlot when first planted in Chile. 

Check back here around March for the scoop on Chilean 2018 Grapes!

We are sourcing high quality fresh wine juice from the Curico Valley in Chile. The Curico Valley is located 120 miles south of Santiago and is the oldest wine region in the country. The valley features a Mediterranean climate combined with alluvial soil with good drainage creating perfect conditions for great red wines. The origin of this wine-producing valley goes back to 1851, when fine varieties of grapes where brought to the valley from France and Germany.  The Curico Valley is largely affected by the Coastal Range, which blocks the maritime influence and creates a continental effect. The result is a pronounced daytime-night time temperature differential that is very beneficial for flavor and aroma development.

Chilean juice usually is available for delivery each year in late April or early May

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